Past Concerts of TAM.AM.RA Percussion Group

1st Concert 1993.9.18(Sat.)
H.Brodmann Greetings to Hermann
W.Hiller Katalog V fur Schlagzeug
F.Tull SONATINE for Percussion Ensemble
S.Fink Pictures for Percussion
W.Mickelsen Percussion for Five Players
2nd Concert 1994.2.13(Sun.)
P.O'Gorman Fire
J.A.Dalza Calata a la Spagnola
S.Fink Ostinati Machina
S.Fink Zulu Welcome
G.A.Prior Piece for Three pair of hands clapping
F.Walter Schlagschatten
L.S.Spivack Fip Fop Fuppe
A.Khachaturian Sabre Dance
3rd Concert 1994.6.25(sat.)
R.Brown Membrana
S.Fink Torio Oriente
C.Chavez Toccata for Percussion Instruments
A.Hvhaness October Mountain
Ogikubo kazuaki Black Liturgy
4th Concert 1995.1.21(Sat.)
H.Schiffman Musica Battuta
J.A.Wanamaker Olympic Cadences
M.Colgrass Percussion Music
R.Holly Battlestation II
T.Susato Ronden-suite
S.Joplin The Entertainer
T.L.Davis Mau Mau Suite
C.Rouse Ogoun Badagris
5th Concert 1995.6.10(Sat.)
J.Beck Overture for Percussion Ensemble
S.Fink Tangents for Percussion Quartet
Mizuno Shuko Ko for Conductor and 8 Percussion players
S.Reich Music for Pieces of Wood
Nishimura Akira Ketiak for Six Percussionists
M.Udow African Welcome Piece
6th Concert 1995.12.9(Sat.)
A.J.Cirone 4/4 for Four
T.A.Brown Celebrating Christmas for Percussion
S.Fink Plaisanterie -Quatre etudes pour percussion-
M.Colgrass Three Brothers
V.Firth Encole in Jazz -Percussion Septet-
D.Mancini Suite for Solo Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble
C.Rouse Bonham
7th Concert 1996.6.22(Sat.)
M.Miller Prelude for Percussion
J.Cage Imaginary Landscape No.3 for Six Percussion Players
L.Harrison Canticle No.3
R.Peck Lift-Off! Percussion Ensemble for 3 Performers
Matsushita Isao Optical Wave for Percussion Ensemble
Isii Kan Music for Percussions
8th Concert 1997.1.19(Sun.)
J.ALFIERI Fanfare for Tambourines
P.Faini Suite for Percussion
N.Rosauro Mitos Brasileiros for Percussion Quartet
L.Snider Four Comments for Latin Hand Instruments
C.Surinach Ritmo Jondo
TRAD MEXICAN/arr W.L.Cahn La Bamba
H.v.Moisy Praca Maua:Brazilian Carnival March for Percussion Ensemble
S.Fink Percussion Brazil
9th Concert 1997.6.14(Sat.)
N.DePonte Celebration and Chorale
A.J.Cirone Symphony No.1 for Percussion Octet
Z.Carno Sextet for Percussion
D.Vayo Border Crossing for Percussion Ensemble
L.Weiner Perspectives
T.Gauger Gainsborough for Percussion Quintet
10th Concert 1998.1.31(Sat.)
Yasuhide Ito Fantaisie de Bali '84 for Percussion Sextet
Masayoshi Sugiura HRDAYA
Akira Nishimura Ketiak for Six Percussionists
Kazuaki Ogikubo Black Liturgy
Masanobu Kimura Himekawa Fantasy I op.301
Shuko Mizuno Ko for Conductor and 8 Percussion players
11th Concert 1998.7.5(Sun.)
H.Cowell Pulse for John Cage and his Percussion Group
N.Hisada EUNOE
N.A.Huber Crush Music from Herbsfestival
A.Gomez Rainbows
N.Westlake Omphalo Centric Lecture
12th Concert 1999.1.24(Sun.)
R.Greenberg It don't mean a thing
-An original percussion sextet based on Taiko drumming-
A.Nishimura EKTAL for 3 Marimba Players & 2 Percussionist
K.Odaira Presto Ritmico II
comp.G.Bizet/arr.P.Klemke Carmen Potpouri
R.Trythall Bolero for 4 Percussionists
13th Concert 1999.8.8(Sun.)
D.Jarvis FANFARE:BEIJING 1989 for Five Percussionists
M.Tsuruta TAMBOURINE SUMMIT for four tambourines
T.Yoshimatsu Bird Rhythm I
C.Rouse KU-KA-ILIMOKU for Percussion Ensemble
C.Descarfino Temples,Evening,Winds and Metal
Quintet for Flute and Four Percussion
G.Farr Volume Pig Percussion Quartet
14th Concert 2000.1.23(Sun.)
D.Corelli/arr.R.Jean Allegro from Concerto Grosso Nr.2,Op.6
Canon in d major
J.S.Bach/arr.J.L.Moore Fugue in g minor BWV578
A.Part Spiegel im Spiegel
J.S.Bach/arr.J.L.Moore &
P.R.Beery II
Toccata & Fugue d minorBWV565
W.A.Mozart/arr.J.L.Moore Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 1st.Mv."Allegro"
R.Schmann/arr.S.Davis Four Pieces from Album for the Young Op.68
1.Landliches Lied
2.Wilder Reiter
3.Ein Choral
4.Frohlicher Landmann
C.Debussy/arr.M.Boo Clair de Lune
L.Bernstein Dances from West Side Story
15th Concert 2000.7.1(Sat.)
J.Tenney Wake for Charles Ives for four Tenor Drums
C.Chavez Toccata for Percussion Instruments
KOBASHI Minoru A Hun
T.Gauger Gainsborough for Percussion Quintet
L.Harrison Concerto for the Violin with Percussion Orchestra
  • Vln. solo / KATO Akira
  • Cond. / TSUNODA Kousuke
16th Concert 2001.1.21(Sun.)
Muramatsu Tatsushi Alternate Stickin' Parade
Wilfried Hiller Katalog fur Schlagzeug V
Frank.Bencriscutto Rondeau for Percussion
  • piano / KANAI Shinano
Edger Varese Ionisation
Graham Fitkin Hook
17th Concert 2001.6.9(Sat..)
Karel Husa Drum Ceremony for Percussion Ensemble
Frank Erikson Suite For Percussion
@I Sonatana / II Nocturne / III Rondo
Mantle Hood Implosion
Kevin Leppre Metamorphosis
  • Drums / KOYAMA Yoshitaka
David Mancini Caribbean Festival
Rich Holly Battlestations II
Stanley Leonard Fanfare,Meditation & Dance
18th Concert 2002.1.27(Sun.)
Paul GOLDSTAUB Six Slick Stix Click Licks
Steve Reich Piano Phase
arr.Wessela KOSTOWA Gankino Choro:Bulgarian Folkdance
Siegfied FINK Trio Oriente
Russel Peck Lift-Off !
David VAYO Border Crossing
Robert KREUTZ Western Sketches for Marimba Trio
Daniel LEVITAN Septet
Manfred ("Amadeus") MENKE Eine kleine Tischmusik
David SORGI Diversion for Marimba Quartet
19th Concert 2002.6.30(Sun.)
MATSUSHITA Isao Optical Wave for Percussion Ensemble
Stanley LEONARD Circus for Percussion Quintet
Nigel WESTLAKE Omphalo Centric Lecture for Percussion Quartet
ISTVAN Marta Doll's House Story
Alice GOMEZ Rainbows
20th Concert 2002.12.7(Sun.)
George FROCK Fanfare for Double Percussion Trio
Two Rituals for Percussion
YOSHIOKA Takayoshi Dance Suite
for Three Marimbas, Vibraphone and Three Percussion Groups
MAMADA Kazuhiro Visional Train for Percussion Ensemble
John Beck Jazz Variants for Percussion Ensemble
Pat METHENY & Lyle MAYS Phase Dance
David MANCINI Suite for Solo Drum Set & Percussion Ensemble

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