What's TAM.AM.RA ?

Welcome to the homepage of TAM.AM.RA Percussion Group !

TAM.AM.RA Percussion Group is an amateur group of the percussion ensemble.We are active around Nagano City,Japan which is the town of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 1998.Our group is composed of 10 peoples at present. Most of the members are the percussion players of the brass band and the orchestra.A member's occupation varies. For example, they are an official, a teacher, a pharmacist and an engineer.Our group is active by since 1993. And, the concert of 17 times was held until now.We played with the Nagano Olympic Games in the awarding ceremony place.

By the way, what is "TAM.AM.RA"?
"TAMAMRA" is a Vietnamese percussion instrument. It is to be the instrument composed of the three sized gongs. But, the member of the group has never seen the real thing with anyone.

Let's introduce the members of our group.

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