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As nouns the difference between naturist and naturalist is that naturist is one who prefers to live without clothes, often for reasons of health while naturalist is (dated) a person committed to studying nature or natural history. Nudest whats the difference as to the world of buffet beach, we are all about the sights and feeling of being naked on a tropical beach.   this whole nudist versus naturist thing has been talked to death for years. I dont foresee a time in the immediate future when everyone is suddenly going to agree and unify. I sense that a majority of younger people (and groups with younger memberships) seem to prefer naturist, so maybe that word will take precedence when older nudists (like me) fade out of the picture. This answer is overly simplistic, but it may save you a good bit of embarrassment if one or the other of them invites you to a party a naturalist is someone who studies nature. Naturist generally, these terms can be and are used interchangeably. However, given the particularities of the definition above, some distinctions can be made between nudism and naturism and may be appropriate. Nudity is a state of being in which a human is not wearing clothing or specifically is not covering the genitals. In some societies, partial nudity is defined as not covering other parts of the body that are deemed to be sexual. Worldwide, current social norms vary from banning nudity except in complete privacy to the acceptance of public nudity as a natural human state. Family nudism video outdoors in a sunny camp, nudists play games, prepare a picnic, sunbathe naked on a green silk grass, video family nudism outdoors in good quality studio naturism freedom. Famille nudisme vidéo en plein air dans un camp ensoleillé, nudistes jouer à des jeux, préparer un pique-nique, bronzer nue sur une herbe de soie verte. As a man of a certain age, and then a bit older, there is no question that all of the parts of my body arent in the best of physical conditions.

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